Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Bachelor Recap

Last night we had our usual girls night, minus Melisa. We ordered some yummy Thai food and had a great time chatting and watching all of Jake's crazy antics this week! Another 1 4 bites the dust! Last nights episode seemed somewhat like a train wreck, but of course I had to keep watching to form my opinion, and to get my info for this lovely recap.

''They may all be head over heels for Jake — but he's over most of them!'' That was the blaring announcement in the promos for this weeks episode, and this time, it wasn't false advertising. If Jake keeps sending this many extra women home, this 'journey' could be wrapped up by next week. Fortunately for everyone involved, our hero — bless his heart — is determined to choose a wife from among the ever-dwindling group of potential mates.

Jake and Gia's one on one date was a bit obnoxious with Gia's annoying 'giggle' and girly attire when they are clearly CAMPING. Who wears stiletto heels to camp in? Really?! They discuss all their childhood rejections and end up in an adult game of spin the bottle, which was tacky enough in itself! I still find Gia pretty annoying, and hope she doesn't make it to the end. Enough said!

Moving on to someone I actually like... Ali. She went on the group date last night, and I just love her and Jake together when they get their alone time. They seem SO far ahead of everyone else when it comes to conversation and just being together. I'm really pulling for her and hoping she makes it all the way. She's getting a little catty towards Vienna, but lets keep it real here, I would be too!

I'm still loving Tenley as well. She's just so sweet and kind hearted. She actually cried when he sent Ella and Kathryn home because she didn't get to say goodbye, what a sweet heart! I'm not sure yet if I think she'll be one of the final two, but its looking that way when it comes to overall chemistry. Plus, she's stinkin' adorable!
Vienna (Sausage) as we like to call her on our girls nights (yes we're pretty mature). She.drives.me.NUTS. Do I need to say anymore than that? Her snide remarks all night were getting really old, and I am saying this one time, and one time only. If she makes it all the way, I'm NEVER watching the show again (probably). She said something along the lines of "Go ahead and have your 30 minutes with him, I'll have him the rest of my life"... Really? YOU WISH! She also claimed the girls in the house don't like her because she 'jokes around too much.' Or did she mean to say 'talks crap too much?' The stunt she pulled on the group date about wanting to spend the last one on one time with Jake so she could kiss him last and he could think about her all night. I think I just threw up in my mouth! I'm praying for a miracle that he sends her home next week! PLEASE!

I have to give props to Katie, that she called Jake sending Ella AND Kathryn BOTH home last night. Katie knows her stuff, from seeing the previews and knowing he tossed a rose in the fire wearing the outfit he had on their two on one date, you go girl! I was kind of shocked he sent both of them home. I LOVED Kathryn, even though they didn't get a lot of one on one time together, I thought she was so sweet and adorable. Ella was a genuinely nice gal as well, but wasn't progressing with Jake as much as the rest of the girls (from what he said).

This weeks episode stressed me out, phew!!

Okay ladies, when you've worked through your anger/shock/surprise, let me know what you think of last nights rose ceremony implosion. Is Jake doing the right thing by withholding roses, or is he going to regret his haste later? What does he see in Vienna? And how long can Gia survive in this battle of the blondes?

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Lindsey said...

Great post sis! And thanks for having us to your house! And letting me snuggle that sweet boxer girl :)

Stacy said...

Loved your detail account of the night's events. Everything you say is just so true about these women. It seems like this Season is going a lot faster. The girls are being sent home quicker I think. He seems fustrated or maybe the girls are wearing him out. He just doesn't seem to be into any of them from what I see. We'll have to keep watching won't we. :)