Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girls Shopping Trip

I just love shopping with my girlfriends as much as the next gal, but I rarely get out and shop with no purpose, or take a day to shop just for myself. I'm one of those mom's whose children are decked out in the cutest, most fashionable clothes, while I'm rocking the same shirts for years. I'll pick things up for myself when they're on clearance, or just grab something real quick when I'm out shopping. I never spend an entire day however, devoted to shopping for me, and me only! So yesterday some girlfriends and I decided we were going to take a trip to Kansas City to have a shopping day, and I couldn't be more excited. Saturday February 6th, Jenna, Lindsey, Melisa and myself are all going to load up in the morning and head out, to see what bargains and cute clothing items (shoes too of course) we can snag!

We could probably pretty easily make a trip to our local mall here, but Kansas City has some shops that we don't have here. And who doesn't need a short road trip with girlfriends occasionally?!

We're going to hit up a boutique that Ashley is always raving about and I'm SOOOO excited! Francesca's has some ADORABLE dresses and tops, I can't wait to shop there.

Forever 21 always has cute/cheap bargains, which are my 2 favorite things when shopping!!
Charlotte Russe always has cute/cheap things as well, and that's where I always get my jeans so hopefully their jeans are on sale like they usually are. Who doesn't love cute jeans that fit really well for $20?!
No shopping trip is complete without a trip to Target. I'm sure we'll hit up the Target in KC on our way out of town.
Can you tell I am beyond excited to have an entire day to myself to shop for myself. I'm SURE I'll pick up a few things for the girls, but this shopping trip is all about getting this momma hip and cute for Spring/Summer! Out with the jeans and frumpy tops, in with the cute dresses and stylish boots (sandals when its warm of course).

The girls will have a daddy/daughter day so I'm sure they'll have some fun adventure as well. Maybe Macie will talk Gerrad into Chuck-E-Cheese or something. I hope the rest of this week and next week fly by!!


Caroline said...

sounds like fun. I am going to the mall myself!!!! This will be the first time in a long long time.
My clothing options are limited, but I am in need of some new clothes!
Have a great time, I am sure you'll have fun.

Anonymous said...

Where at in KC are you going? There are so many places you can't go wrong. Plaza? Town Center? Zona Rosa? I am soo excited for you..every gal needs a day a way for herself!!!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Thank You for your comment! A girls shopping trip sounds like so much fun! I am the same way... I never go shopping for myself unless I just so happen to find something on sale or I have somewhere I need to be and I run grab something! The lengths us moms go to!! :-)