Monday, January 4, 2010


Finally! A week and a half after Christmas and I'm finally sitting down to the computer to blog about it. I've been off for 2 weeks so I have wanted to make the most of it and spend all my time with Gerrad and the girls, so that's exactly what I did!

Christmas Eve our church service was cancelled due to blizzard like conditions, so we stayed home and got comfy in our jammies! My dad came over and we had biscuits and gravy and cinnamon rolls for dinner before we opened presents. Both my parents were supposed to come over, we always do Christmas Eve with my family but my mom was sick :( We kept with the plans for the evening, in spite of Grandma Pam being absent from the equation for the girls, they were pretty bummed (so was I)!

It was SOOO much fun to watch the girls open all their presents. Addaline was the PERFECT age this year and had a blast opening gifts. Her facial expressions were cracking me up! The girls got super spoiled this year (they do every year, who am I kidding?), and spent forever tearing through packages. The major gifts they got on Christmas Eve (and from Santa Christmas morning) were: Macie- Mario Kart for the Wii, an electronic drum set, a rocking chair from Santa, and TONS of smaller misc items... Addaline- A Bike, a rocking chair from Santa, Rose Petal Cottage cherry blossom market, and TONS of misc toys. They got jammies, games, clothes, shoes. Pretty much more than they expected or needed!

Christmas morning we went to Gerrad's mom and dad's house for breakfast and to open more gifts. Gerrad's mom really outdid herself with all the food she made, it was all delicious! The girls got some more great gifts and had a lot of fun playing with their new toys and their cousins. Macie got a telescope, a weaving loom, and some other toys. Addaline got a kids wii type game, a Dr set and some other toys as well.

As I mentioned before about the snow, we ended up getting somewhere between 10-11 inches so we played in the snow at my in-laws as well, then decided to take a trip to a local sledding spot and let Macie sled down a HUGE hill for the first time. We had a BLAST! I didn't take my camera because I didn't want to drop it in the snow or damage it going down the hill so I skipped out on that one. I'm going to try to get some picture of the girls playing in the snow in our backyard though sometime this week.

We had a 3rd Christmas at Gerrad's Aunt's house on Saturday the 26th as well so the girls got more goodies, I told you they got spoiled!!

Here are SOME of the pictures from Christmas Eve, Christmas day and the 26th. I took a TON of pictures, but I'll keep it to a minimum on here :)

My niece Kamryn and Addaline at Gerrad's Aunt's house, the day after Christmas

Macie's letter to Santa and all his goodies

My dad and the girls

Gerrad and Addaline

Macie and one of her fav gifts, Mario Kart. We have played that thing almost every day since we got it, ha ha!
Remember I told you we all had our jammies on :) Macie made me the most adorable 2010 calendar, I LOVED it!!

This is Addaline on her new bike with her 'surprised' face, ha ha!!

Gerrad's sister Heather, our niece Kamryn and Addaline. Apparently the 2 yr olds didn't get the memo to 'say cheese'

Macie cheesing it up with a huge wad of gum in her mouth

My precious girls on Christmas Eve

Macie decorating her new Nintendo DS case

Some of Addaline's loot

Some of Macie's loot. Our basement seriously looked like a tornado had gone through it by the time the night was over!

Gerrad with his new Taylor Made golf driver that my dad got him. I got him a new Taylor Made golf bag as well, he got spoiled!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we sure did!!
Next I'll blog about our New Years Eve night!

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