Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

This year has been such a wonderful year for our family, I can't even begin to describe how blessed we truly are...

My children are both healthy and happy and thriving, which is a blessing in itself!

Gerrad and I were able to make a life changing decision for me to stay home with the girls. Sometimes I struggle and miss working, but I wouldn't change a minute of staying home for the world.

My marriage has grown immensely thanks to God. We have become very involved in our church, instead of just occasionally attending and being 'back seat believers' so to speak. Gerrad and I are closer than ever and our family of 4 couldn't be stronger.

Our families are all happy and healthy without too many major changes aside from my aunt passing away this year.

We have said goodbye to some friendships as doors opened up for new friendships. Relationships have changed with some and grown with others. For all the changes, good or bad, I'm still grateful. When one door closes, another one opens- I'm really going to try to tell myself that constantly in the new year.

We've done small improvements to our home and yard, nothing too major but still there were definitely projects that tested our marriage- ha ha! Working together with your spouse on various types of projects is sometimes a hard task, can I get an amen on that one? ;)

We've been surrounded by so many loving friends and family and have seen some precious new lives brought into the world this year!

Everything is not always perfect and rosie in our world, but we are beyond blessed and I couldn't really ask for more!

Here's to hoping all of you have a wonderful New Years Eve night, and a long and prosperous 2010! I can't wait to see what this New Year has in store for our family!

Much Love!

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Ashley said...

Happy New Year FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!