Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Bachelor Recap (A day late)

Monday night as usual, the ladies and I had our weekly date night with The Bachelor. This week we were SUPER excited for Jenna to be able to join us in the festivities. It was Melisa's turn to host this week at her house. We ordered out Thai food (again) and also ate our weight in candy as well, thanks Melisa ;) Disclaimer: Before viewing these pictures, keep in mind that our theme for Bachelor night is COMFY clothing (jammies/sweats).

Jenna, Lindsey, me, Melisa and Katie all ready to watch the show. Or as Melisa's husband Adam called us, 'The Estrogen Train'.. ha ha!!

Katie and Jenna showing off how we spent the majority of our night, with our hands full of candy

Now a serious picture, Katie and Jenna, LOVE these girls!

Me, Lindsey and Melisa all nice and cuddly on the couch
Now on to the show recap. I am actually kind of at a loss for words this week since I did NOT agree with how the evening went down, on the show:

Tenley, who I absolutely adore, got the first one on one date with Jake. She was so adorable when she squealed with excitement to find out she had the first date of the week; you can tell she genuinely does care for Jake. They went on a fun date around San Francisco and ended up making their own fortune's for fortune cookies. As it so happens in fantasy world (The Bachelor world), they ended up making up the same fortunes for their cookies, oh my gosh what a coincidence! Ha ha! They smooch a few times, and their date is over. He gives her a rose in the ceremony. In my opinion, she doesn't have anything to worry about in the next few weeks. I wouldn't mind if she wins the whole thing.

Next up: the double date, AKA, the most awkward date in the history of time!

I absolutely died laughing when Corrie got the date card and started reading it, tricking all the girls when she read Ali and Vienna's name together for the double date night. Ali quickly got all worked up and exclaimed she felt sick to her stomach (a bit much, but I still heart the girl). Then Corrie tells them she's kidding, and goes on to announce the real gals chosen are Gia and Vienna. Poor Gia didn't stand a CHANCE when she was matched up with dominating Vienna. They head to a Vineyard for an over night and spend the evening chatting with each other. Vienna dominates the entire night, stealing all of Jake's attention, and even desperately wanders through the estate in an attempt to find and steal away her "boyfriend" OH MY! That girl is definitely making up for crazy train, Michelle being gone and more than taking over for her. Gia explains how she has low self esteem and is unsure of Jake's feelings for her, etc... She isn't my favorite so I'm being truthful here when I say I was more interested in devouring Snickers than watching this date. He ended up keeping Gia but I'm seeing some drama in next weeks episode and by the looks of it, she's involved!

Vienna even goes as far as to sneak into Jake's room with wine, wearing very little clothing, so she can be the 'last thing he thinks about before going to bed'...again, OH MY! She is C.R.A.Z.Y! I think I threw up in my mouth a little when Jake pronounced that she was 'Sexy as hell' when she came into his room, VOMIT!!!!! I'm wondering if the boy needs his eye sight checked, STAT! Oh, and whoever was Vienna's hair stylist for the rose ceremony, SHOULD BE FIRED immediately! He ended up giving her a rose in the ceremony, and all of us girls kind of died a little inside (ha ha!)
For some reason I never saved a picture of Corrie, so I'll have to do her recap without a picture. They ended up having a cute little date in the park. She hasn't made a huge impression on me, so again we were kind of chatting/fast forwarding through her date, proof of why this recap will be short. They went on a little trip out on the lake, the scene was SOOOOO weird, and I felt bad fro them. Then they head into a really neat aquarium and have a cute little dinner date under the fish, how fun! She ends up telling him the reason she is holding back so much is because she is saving herself for marriage. I am SO glad she told him that, and it totally made me respect her even more. He was so super sweet about it and told her that was so awesome, and he respected her decision, etc.... Then he kicks her off the show at the end, NICE MOVE JAKE! You chose Vienna over Corrie, REALLY?! Enough said!

Next up is Ali's one on one date. She was SO excited to show him around 'her town' since she lives there and knows all the fun little spots to take him. They truly look like a 'real couple' to me and are so adorable strolling the town hand in hand. I like that she decided she was going to let the Vienna thing go, and leave it up to Jake (since it IS his show and all). Way to act like a grown up Ali :) She is very vocal and always says how she feels, which I totally admire and respect, I think that's why I like her so much. She isn't one to hold back or bite her tongue. She tells him her family is far from picture perfect, but she's still excited for him to meet them, again she's just keeping it real and being truthful. He gives her a rose in the rose ceremony and we were all super happy since she is one of our favorites (even though she wears yellow WAY to much)!

So what did you think about the show this week? I had to kind of refresh myself since I didn't do this recap first thing Tuesday morning. Who do you want to see him send home next? I'm sure you all know, I'm pulling for VIENNA!!!

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