Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Bachelor Recap

Last nights episode was The Women Tell All, and boy were they talkative. The Women Tell All group included Kathryn, Emily, Channy, Ella, Ashley, Valisha, Ashleigh, Corrie, Christina, Jessie, Elizabeth, Michelle, Ali and Gia – all back to dish the dirt. I'm going to just give a rundown about some things the girls said, and some of my favorite moments. Next week I'm kind of afraid to watch the episode, I might want to strangle Jake! :)

I love how Ashleigh tried to say she practiced her fall in order to make an impression, PLEASE girl!! Then said she regretted calling Vienna “white trash,” I wouldn't regret that honey, the truth hurts!

Jessie says she saw Rozlyn and the producer making out to a huge reaction from the women. Ella then reveals that she saw Rozlyn on all fours with her butt in the air and asked that if the producer comes she needs to be put to bed. WOW…I honestly have no response to that.

Ali admits she was hoping Jake would come and find her and that she was disappointed when he didn’t, but at the end of the day, she couldn’t risk losing her job. Ali said that if she could do it again, she would choose love over her job. Finally, she apologized about how mean she was to Vienna and feels bad about the way Vienna is being trashed. Again, I have a hard time feeling sorry for Vienna, action causes reaction honey!

Rozlyn returns, which looked like it shocked quite a few of the other women. She denied the alleged affair with the producer and asks why no footage exists. Chris Harrison tells her he has no ill will and she says she was prepared for a cage match (obviously joking!). At this point, Chris tells her to tell the truth. Rozlyn looks pensive and finally agrees. She says that she was just friends with the producer and that there was nothing inappropriate while filming went on in her hometown. No one is buying it. Chris presses her, pleading with Rozlyn to tell the truth. Rozlyn fights with Ella about what happened, and is 'shocked' that Ella would say those things. Valisha recounts a story where was sick and couldn’t find Rozlyn, but Rozlyn says she is surprised there is no footage of scandal. Gia tells her that she should have admitted she was in love with someone else and left and Rozlyn says that wasn’t the case. She accuses Chris of hitting on the producer’s wife in New Zealand! Let's back it up to when she says the producers WIFE! Hold the phone! So he is married?? Dah dah dah, the plot thickens!!

The whole Jake and Ali thing really kind of made me feel bad, again. He looked like he was going to get a little choked up, but stopped himself. I really think they had an immediate connection and she totally messed that up. He said he was seriously hoping she would have gotten out of the limo, no such luck :( She apologized to him for leaving, but that was about all that was said between the two of them, other than Jake saying she would ALWAYS have a friend in him.
Gia talks about her lack of admission of her feelings for Jake. She said she knows that's her downfall and because she wasn't speaking up, and the other girls were, she knew she'd be the next to go.

Most of the women seemed to have toned it down about Vienna which kind of disappointed me, who doesn't like a good cat fight, ha ha!
I'm more than a little antsy for the finale next week. This is my opinion only, take it for what its worth, if he doesn't pick Tenley, which I know we've all heard he doesn't, I'd rather see him pick no one!! Jake and Tenley are a FAR better match than Jake and Vienna, unfortunately I don't think he sees that at this time!


Summer said...

O.K. girly I love your recap! I did one too! I am so over them dragging this out but this one was pretty Juicy! I'm with you I think Ashleigh sooo didn't fake that fall whateva...The whole Rozlyn thing just made her look that much worse....that girl is crazy! I laughed out loud when they said Tenley looks and acts like she jumped out of a Disney movie! I think I am gonna wanna choke Jake if the rumors are true next week! LOL....I think he will pick Vienna and then dump her and get with Ali....Just my thoughts....who knows....Why do I like this show so much?? LOL
Have a great day
Summer :0)

Summer said...

Hey girly,
I got that Minnie shirt for Kelcee on Etsy....LOve it....I wish I had known you made them :0( LOL....
I sent that check in the mail yesterday....It has been crazy around here....the hubs had back surgery on Monday sooo it's been busy in my house LOL...
You should get it today or tommorrow....
Thanks sooo much and I can't wait to see them....I know I will love them your work is FANTASTIC....
Have a Great Day
Summer :0)

Anonymous said...

First off, your blog is way cute - I love it!

Love the recap, I think he will end up with Ali some how too. We will see next week- Ah!! I'm with you on the whole Vienna thing though if he picks her it's going to make him look bad and I will view him a whole different way ha.