Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chuck'E'Cheese's Fun!

Last night was Macie's school night at Chuck'E'Cheese's. We had a great time, amidst all the CHAOS that typically goes along with that place! Since Addaline and I are home all day during the week, we usually spend it in our sweats, so I had to get her dolled up a bit just for fun. Here she is modeling for me before we left, she's too funny!

Her serious pose, what a ham like her big sister!

Being silly!!

SUCH a doll baby. My girls are both so beautiful and I'm TERRIFIED for the time they grow up and start dating. Lord please start giving me the strength to deal with my husband through that time, ha ha!!

Macie on the Kentucky Derby horse ride

My girls

Macie working hard on one of the rides

This is the best solo picture I could get of Macie the whole night. When I try to take pictures of her lately, she is making faces like the pictures below, GOOF BALL!

We're going to have to practice not making silly faces, even though I crack up every time she does it!

My friend Melisa and her daughter Makenna

Daddy and daughter

Mommy and daughter

The girls and I actually got a super cute picture in the picture booth, I'll make sure to scan it and post it as well.

Its almost FRIDAY, YAY!!! Tonight my friend Jenna is coming over to attempt to teach me how to make a pillowcase dress, this could be VERY interesting. I'm SUCH a perfectionist I'm terrified its going to take me FOREVER to get it right. I'll make sure to take lots of pics and post them tomorrow of how far I got with this dress. Wish me luck!!


Summer said...

Your girls are sooo presh! They look like you....your sooo pretty :0)! I love that hat!! I have several for Kelcee with the flower clippies do you sell those too?? Oh and let me know when you start making Pillowcase dresses....that my friend is my weakness....Kelcee has tons of them and I love them because you can adjust them and she can wear them longer! I am soooo glad we are becoming bloggy friends! Can you make Matilda Jane bows???? I just bought alot of her new stuff and if I show you pics could you make the bows to match the outfits?? You should get that check today....I can't wait to get the shirt and bow....I am giddy like a school kid LOL...

Oh I feel ya on chucky chesse that place is pure madness....LOL My Me-Maw had Kelcee's 2nd B-day there...OMG that was CRRRRAAAAZZZZYYYYY....

Summer :0)

A Wedding Story said...

what a sweet little flower hat!!

Hattie said...

I love Addaline's hat, so sweet! Looks like y'all had a blast! Good luck w/ making the dress. I wish I was crafty!

Heather said...

These pictures are so good Molly! Your girls are so pretty, glad you all had a great time!