Monday, March 1, 2010

Chelsey's Baby Shower

Just a warning, this post has TONS of pictures!!!

This past weekend was one of good girlfriend, Chelsey's, baby shower. My friend Jenna and I threw Chelsey the shower and it turned out absolutely amazing! I can't take all the credit, Jenna did most of the work, especially with the food. We had finger food and delicious cake, and the shower went over wonderfully! Chelsey's husband Jason, is deployed overseas right now in Iraq fighting for our country, and I could not be more proud of both of them and the sacrifices they're making. It was such a joy to give her a wonderful shower that she totally deserved!

Instead of playing the traditional baby shower games that we all know no one really cares for, we opted for a fun interactive game, to get people chatting. When every one walked in the door, I pinned a picture of a celebrity/famous mother on their backs. The goal of the game was to guess who was on your back by asking 'yes' or 'no' questions to the other guests. Questions were asked such as 'Am I married?' 'Is my husband a celebrity as well?' 'Have I adopted kids?'. You get the point. It was super fun and got everyone chatting and laughing right away. Here are some of the celebrity/famous mom's I used for the game.

The AWESOME diaper cake that Jenna made, she did a great job!

Super cute closet organizers Jenna also made. What a fun idea?!

The decorative letters I made for Jaxen's nursery.

Adorable clothes line with some adorable baby items on it!

The AMAZING cake made by one of my best friends, father in law. He does amazing work and is so talented. He makes them just as a hobby/for fun and has such a gift!

The hostesses and the momma to be... Me, Chelsey and Jenna.

Some of the ladies chatting it up asking questions about the celeb on their back.

Jenna and I

Some of the girls with the pics pinned to them.

One hot prego momma!

The Dishing Divas :) Lindsey, Jenna, Katie (in front), Chelsey, Me and Kela

Jenna was really enjoying the frosting off the fondant, ha ha!

Chelsey opening presents.

This girl cracks me up. She will NOT let a baby bump get in the way of her fashion trends. I was terrified she was going to break her ankle, thankfully we had no incidents!

Chelsey- we can't WAIT to meet that sweet little baby boy you are carrying and hope nothing but the best for your future as a growing family of 4. LOVE YOU!!!!


Chelsey said...

Girl, you have no idea how thankful I am to have such amazing friends like you all! I feel so loved and I am so glad we have gotten so close! Jason and I are so ready for Jax to make his appearance and I can not wait for him to meet his aunties! Much love, Chelsey

Kelly said...

Aww, looks like fun. Your preggo friend looks so fierce and fabulous ;-) I love your dress-- is that from Charlotte Russe?? I tried on one just like it the other day if not, super cute!

Caroline said...

Looks like fun. I love the cake, I don't think i have ever seen such a cute baby shower cake. Love it!