Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekend Fun

This weekend was filled with fun for the Hall family. Friday night we decided we needed some fun one on one time with Macie, so my mom watched Addaline and we loaded up and headed to Red Robin, Macie's favorite restaurant, and then to the hockey game at our local Expocentre. Some of our good friends joined us with their daughter as well, and the girls had an absolute blast! They decided they wanted to sit behind us by themselves, so they could be 'grown-ups' and so they could see better.

Melisa and I at the game. Pardon the extreme close up, yikes!

Gerrad and I at the game (man I am PALE)

Macie and Makenna eating their cotton candy

Adam and Melisa
Macie and Makenna posing

Saturday night we got together with friends to watch the KU vs KSU game... can I get a ROCK CHALK?!!! We tried to have dinner at Texas Roadhouse but the wait was so incredibly long it would have cut into the time of the game, so we settled on Chipotle instead, equally yummy!! Then we headed over to a friends house to watch the game, and cheer on the Hawks!!

Here's Miss Emma, posing for me! She's such a doll!

Here's the besties decked out in their KU gear! We should get them matching KU shirts!

Macie, Londyn, Makenna and Addaline

Macie, Londyn and Makenna

All the KU girls decked out, they were all so adorable! This was the best I could get of all of them, its hard to get the 2 yr olds to sit still

Makenna, Addaline, Macie and Adelyn, such pretty girls!

KU girls again

Makenna, Macie and Adelyn, they're precious!

Our weekend was great until Macie ended up getting sick in the middle of the night Saturday night (1:30am), and then again all Sunday morning (2am-8am). I felt SO bad for her because I couldn't do anything to make her feel better. She slept on a sleeping bag on the floor by the bathroom so she was close :( She's feeling MUCH better today and actually was up for going to school, hopefully she has enough energy to make it all day. Finally everyone is well in our house, YAY!!

Tonight is The Bachelor, and of course us girls are having our usual date night. SO excited... I look forward to Monday nights so much now (until The Bachelor is over that is). Stay tuned for my recap tomorrow!

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Hattie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Sorry Macie got sick, but so happy to hear she's better. Happy Monday!!!