Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some More Fun Crafts

**Update** I added one more shirt. I'm going to be adding these to my blog store, so if you're interested in ordering anything let me know and I'll get you the address. I'm going to be having that blog made over as well, so stay tuned!!

Initial M shirt for Macie. I think the colors blend a little too much so if I do another one of these shirts I will use a solid color for the initial

Lately I've been trying a few new things in the crafting area. These shirts are my newest, and probably most fun, creations. I'm going to go around our town in a few weeks and take some samples with me, along with my portfolio, business cards, and fliers to local boutiques to see about selling a few of my items. I'm a little nervous but super excited!!

Initial shirt I made for Addaline

Valentine's Day shirt for Addaline

Valentine's Day shirt for Macie

I got a request today to make a few boys shirts. Here is my first trial shirt for a little boy. I LOVE these tie shirts, SO cute!

Another initial shirt for our friends daughter, Makenna


Hattie said...

Those shirts are so cute. Oh how I wish I had a little girl to dress up. Ha! I love those tie shirts too. You shouldn't have any problem selling them!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I love em'!! :-)

Jenna said...