Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pillowcase Dresses Have Arrived!!!

I'm happy to announce that I added a new item to my store, pillowcase dresses. These adorable dresses can be custom made in ANY size and color/theme. They are $20.00 and worth every penny :) This dress will look so cute on your little girl or make a great gift for someone! The ribbon ties on both sides but can be changed to tie on one side if desired.

Because of the style of this dress, your little girl can wear it for a long time! Wear as a dress or pair with jeans or leggings for an adorable year round look!

I can do any size you need, just let me know! Standard sizes are listed below:
(measured from collar bone to just past knee):

Measured from the collarbone to the hem:
0-3 month-------------------11" length
3-6 month-------------------13" length
6-12 month------------------14" length
12-24 month-----------------17" length
2T-------------------------19" length
3T-------------------------20" length
4T-------------------------21" length
5T-------------------------22" length

SOME of the fabric choices:

Please visit my business blog to place an order if you are interested or have any questions!!


Hattie said...

If I had a little girl to dress up I would buy them all!!! Great job girlie!

Leslie said...

ADORABLE dresses Molly!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...


Jessica said...

Those are adorable! Can't wait till it's warm enough to start shopping for spring dresses :)