Thursday, April 8, 2010


Good Morning to all my fabulous readers... lets start the day off right, with a GIVEAWAY :)

Elizabeth over at Confessions From a Working Mom is hosting a giveaway for ME. To be entered to win, you have to participate in her Top 3 Thursday blog carnival, and link up, or leave your answers in the comment section of her blog. If you don't have a blog, but have an account so you can comment, just leave your answer in the comment section of her blog!

The giveaway is for a pillowcase dress or an applique shirt!!

Happy Commenting ya'll!!!!!


Summer said...

What an amazing giveaway! I hopped over and left her a comment! Super great idea girly

Summer ;0)

Tracy said...

Have I told you that you are totally dragging me into the life of blogging! haha...I just need help setting up a page!!! But I for sure went and left a message for your giveaway!! Love ya girl!

Embracing the Whimsy side of Life.... said...

I love the guitar shirt!!! So Cute!!