Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was amazing! Our weekend was packed from start to finish, but I think that's how we like it (obviously since we are constantly on the go). Friday night we went to the Kansas City Royals baseball game. After arriving late and then having to argue with ticket sales people about purchasing discount tickets, we got into our seats in the 3rd inning, and missed out on our free t-shirts that we were supposed to get for "Ladies Night." We (the ladies) were so bummed out!

Addaline decided she wanted to sit with Melisa all evening. I felt bad she wouldn't let me do anything for her, but I don't think Melisa minded at all.

Macie and Makenna were sitting with Adam and Sheena all night, they were pretty much inseparable! Adam is pretty much a big kid himself so I think he enjoyed it!

The new Royals stadium is pretty cool I must add. I hadn't been there since we took Macie when I was prego with Addaline so that was a while ago! I think we'll be going back a few times this year, since the girls LOVED it and had a wonderful time!

See what I mean about never being able to get a good picture of this girl by herself?!

Makenna and Sheena. Adam and Sheena were the only ones that didn't bring their daughter so they could have a night out, and Macie and Makenna ended up wanting to be with them all night long.

Gerrad and Addaline

Adam, Macie, Makenna and Sheena. The girls had so much fun with these two!

The 5 whole minutes Addaline sat on my lap, I actually got a picture with her :)

Saturday I had the Farmers Market, it was pretty rainy and cool, but it was still worth it for me to be there. We did close up an hour early and head home because the rain and wind were getting a bit too strong for my liking! Saturday afternoon we went to our friend Aaron and Tracy's house to help them get ready for their upcoming arrival of Miss Zoie, scheduled to enter the world June 11th, if she doesn't come sooner. Melisa and I had decided a few months ago that we were going to paint the nursery for Aaron and Tracy, so they had one less thing to worry about. All of us went over Saturday and got lots done to get ready for Zoie's arrival. It was fun to see us all pitch in and just help some friends out who have been extraordinarily busy.

Aaron, Tracy, Melisa, Adam, Gerrad, Me, Jenna and Cameron

Saturday night we went to dinner at a local restaurant/bar and then went to Laughing Matter's, the last one of the season (until Fall). It was a blast as usual! Its so much fun to get out for a few hours and just laugh and have a good time with great friends.

Jenna, Me, Tracy and Melisa at dinner.

I do realize its been almost a WEEK since I blogged. I have been so busy working on orders, and just with life in general I've left my poor blog unattended. I feel like I'm saying that weekly, so I'm obviously still having a hard time prioritizing. I've got some excited things in the works but don't want to share just quite yet. I will be posting pictures later today or tomorrow of all my new products which I'm SO very excited about.

I hope you all are doing well. I plan on reading and catching up, and commenting as well, with all your blogs that I've missed SO much over the past week!


Jessica said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! I miss baseball games SO much. Your girls and those bows- TOO CUTE!

Neely said...

That picture of you two for the 4 minutes she sat on your lap is precious!!!!

Tracy said...

Oh my...lets not post pictures of the fatty! You'd think I have a baby in my face!! YUCK! But you are rocking that necklace ;)