Monday, October 11, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

So I recently started reading Katie's blog, and decided to join in on the fun of her 30 day blog challenge. This should help me get back into the groove of blogging regularly again, right, RIGHT?! So I know day 1 is almost over, but I wanted to get my post done before tomorrow, better late than never, right?

Day 1: Introduce, recent picture, and 15 interesting facts

This is the most recent picture of me, taken this weekend at my 3 yr olds birthday party.

My name is Molly, I am a 27 year old, wife and mother to 2 beautiful girls. Macie who is 8, Addaline who is 3 (3, I can't get over saying she is 3, the tears will probably start flowing again if I think about it too much). I am a stay at home mom, and enjoy every minute of it. Being a mom is by far the greatest joy that God has given me, I am truly blessed, and thankful for every moment of every day (even the moments I want to pull my hair out ;)).

One: I'm SUCH a type A planner, its a little ridiculous. I can't stand when I don't know what is going on, or what is going to happen.

Two: I'm also a self proclaimed (my husband would totally second this statement as well) CONTROL FREAK *see number one*.

Three: After we had Macie, we swore up and down we were done having kids, then we did the same after Addaline... now we're teetering on the fence of POSSIBLY one more baby. It is all in God's hands, and I know He will guide and let us know if that is in the cards for us.

Four: I'm DEATHLY afraid of snakes and spiders. This is NO joke! We went to a predator zoo in Branson that housed a RIDICULOUS amount of snakes, and the ONLY reason I made it through, was because I was trying to act tough for the girls. I really would have MUCH rather balled up in the corner and cried, ha ha!

Five: I'm a people pleaser. I can't stand when people are mad at me, and I typically find myself putting everyone else's needs and feelings before my own. I know that's a good thing, but sometimes it stresses me out.

Six: I LOVE taking pictures. If I didn't have 700 other hobbies and business ventures, I'd totally take up photography.

Seven: I have this random annoyance with nicknames. I can't stand when people name their child something, and then refer to them as something else. Why wouldn't you just name your kid the nickname that you refer to them by? I'm all about cutesy pet names for my kiddos though (does that even make sense?!)

Eight: I'm addicted to Diet Dr Pepper

Nine: I'm also addicted to reality TV

Ten: I can't be far from my blackberry or I feel incomplete (I'm pathetic I know!)

Eleven: I talk to my parents daily!

Twelve: I am already praying for my daughters future husbands. I know its a little premature, but I figure if I get a good head start on it now, by the time they're 50, God will provide them with wonderful men to marry :-)

Thirteen: I think I'm the ONLY female on the planet with out a handbag obsession!

Fourteen: I'm obsessed with baby names.

Fifteen: I'm looking forward to meeting some new (and reconnecting with the old) blogger friends through this little adventure!

Thanks for stopping by!


Livin' our Love Story said...

Love you blog too! You girls are beautiful! I am such a planner too! Its so bad that at our wedding a groomsmen had to thrown in his ten cents about it, joking around about how i have mary poppins bag with a color coordinated "binder" full of plans, so he knew, my hubs will always be taken care of! ;) haha!

Katie K. said...

So glad that you are joining in on the 30 day challenge...I think that it is going to be so much fun! Looking forward to seeing your answers!

Jessica said...

How fun! These children are growing way too fast ~ I am with you on the tears a flowin', Addison turns one next month! Love the 30 day blogging ~ I might just join in! I am trying to get my blog kickin' again! Your girls are as cute as ever!!!

Kelly said...

I'm obsessed with baby names too... if you guys were to have a baby boy (no pressure coming from me ;-)) what would be your top names? I told Greg the other day that I'm OFFICIALLy giving up on the name Avery for a baby girl. It has been our FAVORITE for 8 years now. It used to be super uncommon... but now TOO MANY of my friends have named their new babies and DOGS Avery. Boo... oh well ;-)

I talk to my parents on a daily basis too. Aren't we lucky have such great family? Hope you have a great day, Molly!!

Ps- adorable picture of you 3!

emilyanne said...

Great picture of you and your girls! I am loving getting to know you and the many others who are blogging the 30 day challenge! :)