Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 2

Day 2 of the blog challenge over at Katie's Journey is to tell you all about 'The Meaning Behind my Blog Name.' Easy enough, I think....

When I first started blogging I changed the blog name a few times, annoying I'm sure. I started out with 'Keepin' Up with the Hall's' but didn't really like how that sounded after seeing that 755 other people had the same type of blog name. Then I decided that it would be called 'The Hall Monitor' and my catchy tag line would be 'Grab a pass and join us on this journey through life.' Then I no longer liked that name for whatever reason. So when I had my blog makeover done, I thought I needed to come up with a catchy name that would LAST. I realize that 'The Fuschia News' has nothing to do with our last name, but I thought it was super cute, since our house is highly outnumbered with estrogen, it seemed fitting. There isn't a huge meaning or story behind it to be quite honest, just the fact that we have 3 girls in this house, and EVERYTHING seems like its one shade of pink or another :) I just came up with the name, and it stuck. My poor husband doesn't stand a chance when these 2 girls hit the teen years (who am I kidding, I don't either!).


I'd also like to keep up with blogging along with this challenge, so I'll just incorporate another blog post into this one, cool?!

This Friday night a bunch of us girls are getting together for a girls craft night. A while back I decided to make a fall wreath. I've gotten a few comments on it by my girl friends, so I figured, lets make a girls night out of it (any excuse to get together with the girls is OK with me). The guys and kiddos are coming to our house to hang out, and the gals are headed over to my girl friend Melisa's house to craft to our little hearts content.

Here is my wreath that I made. It was so simple, and only cost me about $15.00 to make. I got everything on sale between Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Friday night I'm going to make a Christmas wreath, and I also thought about making a Kansas Jayhawk wreath for football and basketball season, but I figured Gerrad might not appreciate that since he is a Texas Longhorns fan (BOO!).


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ohhh ... I love 'Hall Monitor' ... HOW CUTE IS THAT NAME?!?! But, The Fuschia News is really fun, too!!

I need a new wreath for my front door! They are just so darn pricey!! Ugh! And I have no talent to make one!

Candice Pair said...

Ok I totally loved The Hall Monitor!

Manda said...

I love ur wreath, i wish i was creative and could make one!

Katie K. said...

Love the Hall Monitor name, but love the new name too!

Miss Chelsea said...

Cute wreath! I wanna have a girls craft night (pouty face)!!