Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 4

Today's topic on the 30 Day Blog Challenge is 'Your Parents.' This one should be fairly easy for me, but we'll see once I start typing!

*Lets start with my mom! She is my BEST friend. The person I call first when something good/bad or indifferent happens to me, or my kiddos, or even Gerrad. She is always there for me to complain to about things I probably shouldn't be complaining about in the first place. She doesn't ever judge, just listens, sometimes gives her opinion, and always understands. She'll tell me when I'm being silly or irrational, and she'll also tell me when I'm right (which is always, HA). The way she smiles when she sees my children, it melts my heart! It makes me excited to become a grandma one day (in 20+ years).

My mom is one of the most kind hearted, Godly women I know. Her and my dad definitely brought me up the right way, but somewhere along the way during the teenage years I had to rebel a little. I KNOW I wasn't easy to handle, but my mom was always there. I feel like I put her through the ringer, so many fights about her not letting me get my way when I was a snotty teenage brat! Did anyone else have one of those love/hate relationships with their mom as a teenager? Ya know when she wouldn't let you do what you wanted, and you thought the world revolved around you? I told her many times how much I hated her, instead of should have been hugging her and saying THANK YOU!

Sometimes I probably don't tell her how much I appreciate everything she does for me and my family enough, so mom if you're reading this, 'I love you THIS big much' with my arms stretched WAY out (and in my best Addaline voice) ;)

*Now onto my dad! My dad is also my best friend! I can't go a day or two with out talking to him, even if its just to call and tell him something silly that one of the girls did. I will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for my dad, that no man will ever replace, not even my husband. I think most daddy's girls are this way. I read on another blog today that a girl was talking about the relationship between herself and her father (Hi Jessica :)) and she said 'My dad is wrapped around my finger, and he is wrapped around my heart'... that definitely describes my relationship with my dad!

He would give the shirt off his back for the girls and I, if we needed it. My daughters definitely have him wrapped around their little fingers, and it tickles me to pieces to see that. He has such a special bond with them, that I can't even begin to thank God enough for. My dad and Gerrad have a lot of similarities about them, and it is such a blessing to see lots of my dad's parenting style, in my children's father. I know you're reading this dad, and I LOVE YOU! I'm sure I don't say it often enough to you either, so here's your public shout out. Now would you pull my finger? HA!

*To my parents and Gerrad's parents... I cannot even BEGIN to describe how much it means to me to be able to see my children have such a special relationship with all of their grandparents. I didn't have that privilege growing up, and I'm so very thankful that my children DO! What I wouldn't have given to be able to go spend the night with a grandma and grandpa, and be spoiled rotten and shipped back home to my mom and dad. My kids have that option in 3 houses. Its such a blessing that we have so many family members that love and care about them, as much as we do. I know that they will FOREVER treasure all the moments that they spend with you all. So THANK YOU for just being there! We love you!

Now that I've poured my heart and soul out, and am a little weepy, I better get back to the kiddos ;)


Miss Southern Vol said...

Oh my goodness this is soo sweet! I had to read it without READING it (does that make sense) haha or I would start tearing up! This is soo sweet! I'm so glad to see you are close with your daddy too AND your mom! How special! Thanks for the shoutout! Have a WONDERFUL day!!

Lacey said...

Sweet story Molly! Your parents are certainly lucky to have such a sweet and dedicated daughter.

Lindsey said...

molly - this is such a cute post! you know that every little last word came from the heart! you are so lucky to have a close family like you do!

Neely said...

What a great post, your parents sound amazing!!!

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ jess said...

Love this! VERY sweet!

Katie K. said...

I am for sure crying right now...this post is amazing!