Thursday, October 14, 2010


Bear with me gals, I felt like doing a random blog post about things I'm digging these days, I know you were all dying to know these things ;)

TLC's 'Sister Wives' show... I find it extremely interesting, and borderline mind boggling. How can 1 man be 'married' to 4 women is beyond me, and 16 kids between them all, REALLY dude?! They interviewed them on Oprah today, and I was GLUED to the TV. I have only seen 1 episode, and I probably looked funny watching it, with my jaw dropped to the floor the whole time. I decided to set up my DVR to record all the episodes that have been on. I guess I'm on a quest to learn more about these peeps. Weird? I do believe so!

It is IMPOSSIBLE to copy a photo off of Target's website, seriously! I wanted to show ya'll these super cute cowboy boots that I bought a few weeks ago (which I STILL haven't received in the mail). These will have to do as an 'example' I guess. The boots that I actually ordered are much taller than this, and super cute, slouched style like these, same color and all. If you like these short ones, they're from Payless.

I'm obsessed with making my 3 year old wear dresses and her cowboy boots all the time. I just LOVE having a little person I can dress up, who can't talk back to me and tell me what SHE wants to wear yet. Thank you Addaline :)
I purchased a Gold Canyon candle from one of Macie's friends for her soccer fundraiser, and I'm L.O.V.I.N.G. the scent, Mulled Cider. (Don't worry Tracy, I still love Scentsy too ;)) It is so strong and scents the whole house, YUM! I might cry when I burn it to the end!

I'm also in this huge phase of braiding my hair in a side pony all the time (even my husband noticed which never happens). I was SO proud of myself that I totally rocked this fish tail braid for the first time EVER! Its gonna be my new thing I think.

I SOOOO need to redo our basement. I'm thinking of going with this color scheme on the walls that are currently white in our basement. We've got a mixture of tan/white, and I'm over the white. I'm going to take EVERYTHING off the wall this weekend and try to brainstorm some ideas. Wish me luck. I'll probably dedicate an entire post to this topic, and ask you lovely ladies for some advice!

I'm BEYOND thankful for my hard working husband. He has been working out of town all week, and the girls and I are missing him like crazy. He usually works 4-10 hour days and has Friday's off, but this week he has to work on his day off. I can never express how thankful I am for him making the sacrifices that he does for our family! Love you babe!

This weekend we're having our girls night tomorrow night to craft, yay for wreath making! I'll make sure to take LOTS of pictures of everyone and their wreaths. The men/children are coming to our house to hang out and have daddy daycare while us gals get some 'mom's night out' time. Macie has a volleyball tournament Saturday. Her team is in FIRST place, and I couldn't be more proud of her. Saturday night we have NO plans, which I love, and Sunday we have church, and then we're going to a HUGE craft fair about 45 minutes away. Hopefully I'll get some more ideas of new products to add to my ever expanding business! Hope you lovely ladies have a wonderful Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry I am here for your candle needs!!! They are amazing!

We need to have a joint candles and your bows..instant hit..just in time for Christmas!!

Miss Chelsea said...

what a cutie in her cowboy boots!

I LOVE that room, so pretty & comfortable lookin... I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Candice Pair said...


1. I haven't watched that show yet, but I think it would be interesting, too!

2. LOOOVE those boots. I think I need the short ones so I might be going to Payless this weekend!

3. I also love that I get to dress Presley up...loving the dress and cowboy boots!

Lastly...lovin' the room and all the colors..go for it!

Kelly said...

I haven't watched Sister Wives yet because I'm worried that I'll get creeped out ;-)

I agree, Target's website sucks-- do you have "print screen" capabilities on your keyboard? I LOOOVE that button, you can copy pictures from ANYTHING that way!

Love that color scheme in the photo, soooo cute!

Bummer on the KU game last night, huh? Uggh, that was Ouch.

Fashion Meets Food said...

I saw the Sister Wives on Oprah and thought it was completely crazy! Loving the braid! I just came across your blog and I love it!

You have a new follower!


Miss Southern Vol said...

OK this sister wives show completely blows my mind! I wish I could have seen them on Oprah! I cant even begin to figure out how they do this- and it seems like the 1st wife does have jealousy issues! I could NEVER do this!! Can't wait to see your wreaths :)