Monday, October 18, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 8

Day 8 is 'A Place You've Traveled To.' It was hard to narrow it down to what trip I wanted to show you, we've been on a few trips that were just amazing!

We went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica last summer with a group of 10 people. We also went on a cruise to Mexico with these same friends in '07. Its so much fun to have a group of friends that you can travel with and have a great time. We stayed at the RIU resort in Ocho Rios, I would HIGHLY recommend that resort. We will DEFINITELY be taking another trip to it in the near future.

We climbed Dunns River Falls, I para sailed, we relaxed and just enjoyed the fact that we were on vacation, with NO responsibilities for a few days!

Every other year Gerrad and I try to take a vacation with out the kids. It really helps us stay connected as a couple, and the girls have a wonderful time pal-ing around with their grand parents! So far we don't have anything planned for next year, but hopefully we come up with something!!

What are your favorite vacation spots?


Miss Chelsea said...

I looovveee Riu Resorts! Never been disappointed at any of them I've stayed at! (And am obsessed with Jamaica but that's a known fact hah!)

Lacey said...

We stayed at the Sandals right next to that RIU on our honeymoon! I love Jamaica. We plan on going back with friends soon.

Miss Southern Vol said...

Palace resorts has a GREAT list of resorts to go to. We went to the Moon Palace resort for our honeymoon and it was absolutely amazing! I have heard A LOT about RIU resorts! We might just have to try them out- DARN :)

Candice Pair said...

We stayed at the Riu Palace in Cancun and it was gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

This is where we went on our Honeymoon! We stayed at Sandals.. Loved it. Wish I were there.

Lindsi said...

Hey Molly! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. We're hitting up Jamaica on our cruise in February--but, I believe we dock at Montego Bay. Your trip looks fun, makes me anxious to be there!!