Tuesday, November 2, 2010

New York Recap!! (TONS of pictures)

So as most of you know, last week on Wednesday, I loaded up my TINY carry-on suitcase and headed for New York with some of my favorite gals. We left Wednesday evening and of course got delayed by an hour, which put us arriving in the big city around 11:30pm. Somehow, even though it was WELL past this old lady's bed time, we managed to still wander around the city, stop for pizza, and stay up to have girl talk until almost 2am. Thursday and Friday were GO, GO, GO and I loved EVERY minute of it. Thursday we wandered around quite a bit and did lots of shopping, repeat Friday as well. We saw all the major sites you can see in that short amount of time. I will definitely be returning and we decided that we'll probably make it an annual girls trip. I'll hush up and let the photos do the talking :)

Grand Central Station, such a cool place, with lots of hustle and bustle!

Central Park- OY! Loved that place, could have spent all day there taking photos!

Carrie, Ashley and Melisa taking a stroll through the park

Some of the buildings in Times Square

I had to take this picture for my favorite 3 year old who likes Elmo!

MTV studios!

Ashley's friend Lindsey lives in NY, and offered to take us to the top of her work building. That was definitely a highlight of my trip! She works RIGHT across from Bethenny Frankel's apt, AHH! I was SO excited to stalk out her apt, psycho I know!

This was Bethenny' apartment building, yes I'm crazy and took a picture!

Skyline from the top of the building, SO beautiful!

The architecture in NY is SO rich and gorgeous! I could have walked around taking photos all day long every day, and that I did!

The Plaza Hotel

Our hotel lobby, so pretty!

Carrie and Ashley arriving at the hotel. We were SO excited to be there!

Times Square! Not sure what the heck I'm doing with the head tilt, who knows?!

Us girls after seeing 'Chicago' which I LOVED!

It was definitely the trip of a lifetime, and one I'll never forget! Thanks girls for making it so much fun!


Kelly said...

OMIGOSH, I want to go back to NYC so badly. I've been twice before, but never with Greg. I TOTALLY would have staked out Bethenny's apartment as well!! Another thing Greg and I REALLY want to do is find the Mood Store (which is where the contestants from Project Runway buy their fabric each episode-- its our fave show :-)) and buy a BUTTON! Heheh. I bet you just loved the musical as well. WHAT a fun trip!!

Caroline said...

Awesome pics! I would have totally stalked Bethenny's apt too! Looks like you ladies had a fabulous time!! It makes me want to go back!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Umm, stalking Bethenny's apartment is totally normal. I would have done the same exact thing, too!! Haha!

Great photos of y'all! Love seeing them!

So when I was there, it was like 100 degrees. Brutal. Next time I am going in the Fall like you!!

I saw Chicago on Broadway, too! Wasn't it FANTASTIC?!?! omg!

Miss Southern Vol said...

Oh yay! I have been waiting for pictures! These are soo cool! I'm so glad you and the girls had a good time! And yes, I would have been doing some HARD CORE stalking too no worries! soo glad yall had fun!

Candice Pair said...

YAY!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful time! It looks like you got to see tons of great sites! Now I'm dying to go back...again!!!

Lindsey said...

looks like you had so much fun! i love that you were "politely stalking" BF... i would totally do the same thing! and she would probably send cookie to attack me :)

and i do the head tilt too - have no clue why... i get my pictures back and all of my friends look amazing and then there is a girl with her head at a 45 degree angle! ha!

i love all the pictures of you and your girlfriends - it makes me want to plan a trip with my girls... we all need a little girl time in our lives!