Thursday, November 4, 2010

Under the Weather

Sorry for my lack of blogging/commenting on all of your lovely blogs ladies... I've been blessed to get this lovely stomach bug that is going around like wild fire! I've been in bed pretty much straight time since I went to bed Tuesday evening. Yesterday was SUPER rough, today is a little better. I've still been staying in bed and resting (which is almost next to impossible with a 3 year old at home). I feel like if I get up and take a shower, and move to the couch and out of bed, maybe that will help a little. SOOO glad Gerrad comes home tonight to help with the girls.

Hope all of you stay healthy and are able to avoid this yuck! I'm hoping to be back up and running tomorrow!

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Miss Southern Vol said...

Hope you are feeling better! Being sick like that is just NOO fun! get some rest :)