Friday, December 10, 2010

Bunch 'O Randoms

I kind of feel like I took a little unintended blogging break this week after the 12 Days of Christmas challenge that Aly and I did, apparently it wore me out, ha! Anyhow, I'm back! I just realized I haven't shown ya'll anything I've made in a while (again with the lack of blogging). Last night I decided I wanted to try my hand at making new stockings, I got 1 accomplished before I got called off to motherhood duty, but here's the one that I did make...

 Not too shabby for my first time. I figured I could put initials (monogram) at the top in an  accent color, what do ya'll think???

Here are some Christmas tree shirts I made for some cutie sisters, one of which is set to arrive Monday morning if her mommy doesn't go into labor before then! I cannot wait to meet that precious baby girl!

Boys ornament shirt.

This weekend we actually have absolutely NO plans, which I'm pumped about. Next weekend we have something going each and every day/night, so this weekend will be nice to just chill before a hectic week/weekend!

Last night while I was trying to make the stocking, Addaline was running around crazy as usual acting like a perfect angel, and knocked over the Christmas tree in the kitchen, SERIOUSLY! Not cool! She got some time alone in her room for a bit, while I put the tree, and my attitude back together. I knew it was bound to happen, I was just hoping it wouldn't.

Aly and I are thinking about starting a weekly blog hop idea, we're looking at Friday's but can't quite figure out what we want to do/or what we want to call it... So stay tuned, hopefully we come up with something SOON :-) And thanks again to all of you gals who participated in the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Challenge, we had such a blast with that! 

Johnny the Elf showed up in Addaline's room last night, and this morning when she woke up, it was pandemonium! She is not a fan of Johnny the Elf, she likes looking for him, but is a little freaked out about it, so when he landed in her room, first thing this morning she saw him and started crying. I'm guessing Johnny won't go in there again, but I think he probably thought she needed a little extra supervision :)


Summer said...

Love the Stocking I totally think a monnogram in an accent color would rock cute girl

I am in love with those shirts so presh!!

Glad you are doing well, and um yeah I am scared Kelc is gonna knock our tree over to....LOL fingers crossed it hasn't happened yet


Emily said...

Love the stocking! And the shirts!! I look forward to the Friday Blog Hop! :)

Ashley said...

Great job on the stocking and those shirts are to die for! Love it!

J and A said...

I love those shirts and onesies! I wish I was that talented! :)

Caroline said...

yes Sam our elf doesn't go into bedrooms or bathrooms, Taylynn will flip out!
Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Southern Vol said...

That stocking is adorable! LOVE it! hope all is going well- im in a much needed break right now! Gotta get through the holidays and never enough time! Let me know if u see any awesome deals this weekend! PS i ordered a cricut machine- super excited!!!

Brittany said...

You should totally sell those things! I would definitely buy monogrammed stockings!!

Kelly said...

Hahahaha, I'm imagining little Addaline waking up in a frenzy after seeing little Elfy in her room! Hope you're having a great weekend, Molly!