Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Bachelor Recap

Since I haven't done very well at keeping up with The Bachelor recap since the show started, I'm officially determined to get this done today, without further adieu...

The Bachelor- Episode 4

 Oh Brad... I love that you have been having your counselor come on the show, sheesh! I guess at least he is working through his problems and making the effort, I just thought it was a little overboard, maybe they should let him have those sessions in PRIVATE! Then I have to remind myself, it is a TV SHOW... so there's my answer.

 Emily- Still loving her. She is too darn cute, sweet, compassionate and laid back. I am glad she FINALLY told Brad her story, you could tell she immediately felt better about the whole situation, and started bonding with him more. I could also tell he was getting super frustrated with her at the beginning of their date, I think it might have been splits-ville for her soon if she didn't spill the beans. And can I ask, WHY did they have her go on a small airplane to the vineyard for her date?? That poor girl!

 Chantal- Still loving her as well. She is tied as my favorite with Emily. I think because she isn't the typical 'barbie' stereotype that they usually pick, is another reason I like her. She seems real, and down to earth. Her date was good, and they seem to have some serious chemistry, get a room already!

Michelle- I don't even know what part to start on with her. She woke up with a black eye on the show... really sweetie? You just 'woke' up with this mysterious black eye? Doubtful! I'm guessing you jacked your face on the corner of your dresser and inflict this little wound on yourself for attention from Brad, and all the other girls (who loathe you by the way). I love when she said "Well I've been stressed, maybe its from stress?" HA HA HA! Riiiiiight! So the rest of us normal women in society should be walking around looking like Mike Tyson all the time because we're stressed... not buying that one! This girl drives me nuts, to the point where I've started muting the tv every time she talks. If I have to see her fist pump one more time, I'm calling Jersey Shore and telling them they have another cast member to join the house! FOR REAL! I'm literally counting down the days until she gets sent home, there is NO way he will pick her!

Ashley H went a little overboard last night with the drama, she needs to watch it or she'll be the next Michelle! Eek!

So what are ya'll thinking of the season so far? Who do you like? Who do you want to see booted off the show asap?


April Westerhold said...

Yay! I'm so glad you are doing this.
#1 Emily=LOVE. Beautiful and sweet. Next week it comes out that she was dating Ricky Hendrick. I just love her. I think she will end up in the finale.
#2 I like Chantal, too, but I also see she has a drama thing at times. She has cried 3 or 4 times already and it just gets annoying. I think she is real, though, and they have good chemistry.
#3 Michelle=PYSCHO. She absolutely punched herself in the face or slammed a door or something. I loathe the way she always acts like she is going to beat people up and when she acts like there are fireworks going off behind her. The problem, though, is that in looks she is beautiful and sexy. Hopefully he sees through it in the end.

It seems as Brad has changed but I agree that the therapy is overboard. He seems sincere, though.

Lindsi said...

Ohhh, girl, I have many thoughts:

1) I get kinda hot and bothered when Brad uses his "COME TO ME" line. (side note: My husband thinks it's ridiculous and assures me that he'd never use those words with me)

2) I'm digging Chantal more and more. I really like the relationship that she's built with Brad--it's totally different than all the other girls.

3) Michelle, yikes! I'm at a loss for words with this one. She's completely nuts.

4) I watched the show with my husband last night (totally killed my normal Bachelor concentration), and he informed me that he LIKES Michelle. Ugh! He's always attracted to the crazy girls, what's that say about me? I hope I'm just the exception to the rule ;)

Happy Bachelor-ing!

Suze said...

I wish he would see the side of Michelle that we see and ashley h made me put a question mark by her name as next michelle!

Emily is my favorite hands down!

However, some girls on there , last night i'd never heard of them ha ha.

Hopefully, he'll see the light soon with michelle , but i won't hold my breath lol.

Have a good day!

Kelly's Avenue said...

Emily ALL the way

Ashley H and Michelle needs to GO HOME!!!

Katie said...

I love your top 2! I 100% agree with you. Michelle is just awful! Horrible but she makes for good TV!

P.S. Addison just walked in and said "Ooh, pretty blog!" when she saw yours! ha!

meghan said...

I LOVE the Bachelor. Do you see that Emily is wearing a Van Cleef necklace and was wearing Christian Louboutin heels in the last show? Holy moly she has some money. I like her, and I think Brad should just call off the show. It's already at that point with her I think...