Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

My list is rather random this week, but lets be honest here, when aren't my posts random?! 

I'm Loving- That my sick obsession with diet dr pepper, at least gives me a laugh daily when my 3 year old calls it diet peppa. I crack up every.single.time. she says it! 

I'm Loving- That since getting a bad report on being a chatty kathy at school, that Macie really has been trying to turn it around, cross your fingers for her ;)

I'm Loving- This art work. As I mentioned, I finally figured out the new theme for the basement. I saw this on Saturday and decided it would be SO easy to make, so I got out my cricuit and went to work. I'll make sure and take a photo of the finished product!

I'm Loving- The wreaths and these pillow DIY's that I posted about yesterday!

I'm Loving- The fabrics that I bought at JoAnns last night! They are the inspiration to my family room re-do. I decided I wanted a black/white/yellow/grey color scheme. These are pillow and valance inspiration. What do you think? I made some silhouettes for the pottery barn inspired plate wall that I'm doing as well. Don't worry, when the room is finished, I'll post LOTS of photos!
I'm Loving- Some type of Kardashian's are back on tv, and one of my other favorite shows, 90210 is back on after the typical 'winter break' all shows take. Yay for good tv! I'm fully aware that I probably need to get a life!

I'm Loving- This Train song, can't get enough of it! I'm also loving this Macy Gray song, which is also my ring tone on my cell ;) Its such a happy song!

I'm Loving- Spending all week with my girls, no more running every night of the week since we are on a break from dance this semester. I was a little sad at first, but if their heart wasn't 100% in it, I welcome the break on the running nightly, and the break on our checkbook too! 


Rebekah said...

I love those signs. So cute. I really love the fabric that you bought!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

That sign is so cute! I love it!! :)

Glad y'all are taking a break - I know you were gone all the time doing things! Sometimes it is so nice to just be at home!

Kelly said...

Love the new material that you got! Sooo fresh, trendy, and fun!!

J and A said...

I love those pictures and fabric! I may have to hire you! :)

Caroline said...

Can't wait to see the pics of you room redesign. And I love the Train "Marry Me" song. When I saw them in concert this summer, Pat Monahan said he was marrying all of us. So, when the song comes on, I say, "That's my husband". HA!

Amber said...

Hahahahahaa, "diet peppa" that made me literally LOL! Love it, too cute!

Love that sign, and the throw pillows! I'm having such a tough time deciding how I want to decorate my living room at my new place, wanna come do it for me? ;) HA!

I LOVE the Kardashian girls, and that Train song, I may use it for my post today too. :)

Livin' our Love Story said...

haha Kids, who are chatty are typically hilarious. Coming from words teachers dont tell the parents. :) I have a chatty cathy in MY class, however, she typically makes me laugh more then anything. Sometimes its just SO in their personality ( not saying its okay, but I can relate, I was the chatty student, and now I am a teacher, with a very chatty student lol) Good luck to her and her quest to zip it! <3

April Westerhold said...

I have that same saying in my foyer (not the same style) but same words!

Love the pillows. Can't wait to see your room re-do.

april@Party of Five

Ashley said...

Marry Me is one of my favorite Train songs. Hands. Down. I love the diet peppa. Kids are so funny!

Greer's Gossip said...

Kids are too cute!! I love Marry Me too and the material you got!!

Lindsey said...

okay i'm loving the fabrics that you picked out from joanns... i think i may need a little more time before i can figure out my darn sewing machine but when that time comes i may need to fly you in for advice... that thing is intense!

Tracy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric!!

So sad to hear about the girls but it's true, if they aren't 100% in it then it is not worth it! Now we can hang out on the week days while you are a single mommy ;)

ps...I'm at work so text me today ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the fabric swatches! I love grey and yellow together! You are so crafty- I'm jealous :)