Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

 Have you heard of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly?? If not, you need to head on over to Aly's blog to check it out! So much fun! I'm excited to have something to participate in occasionally on Thursdays!
The Good: We got one of these bad boys last night, thanks again G, you rock!

The Bad: Starbucks will officially lose my business
The Ugly: The darn coffee k-cups for those things are pricey, and this momma is cheap! Gotta get a 'my k-cup' stat!

The Good: Having a king size bed to myself while Gerrad works out of town

The Bad: I'm semi afraid of staying alone, even though I should be used to it

The Ugly: Apparently I think its a good idea if one of the girls sleeps with me, like they're going to protect me if anything happens (I'm delusional) ha! 

The Good: Spring is right around the corner

The Bad: I'm no where near having my body look like I want it to

The Ugly: I have zero motivation to change the above, help! 

The Good: I've never been a real 'high maintenance' hair girl

The Bad: My hair is graying like a MOTHER (or in my case like my dad who turned gray around 40)

The Ugly: How sweet am I going to look being all gray by 30?! TERRIBLE! Gerrad is going to need to invest in some disguises so people don't recognize him with this granny in public. I think my days of being a hair tight wad are over, bring on the hair color!


Caroline said...

Oh, I bet your hair isn't that bad. And when I was younger and my dad was traveling, my mom had me sleep with her. I wonder if she thought I could fight off an intruder? Ha!

Lindsey said...

we got my bf mom a keurig for xmas - and she said there is somewhere you can buy reusable k cups.. you put your own coffee grinds in?? we all know that i strictly drink diet coke.. but it might be worth looking into!
i bet your glad gerrad's home!

Miss Southern Vol said...

Ahhh I WANT a Keurig soooo badly! Are you officially obsessed??

Lindsi said...

Someone donated a Keurig to our office, but I'm too intimidated to use it, ha!

Alan's at the fire station every third night, so I use my 90-pound golden retriever as defense. He's so cuddly and lovable, probably as much help as your girls!

Melissa Jo said...

When E is on nights, I use our 80lb chocolate lab as my defense. She even chases through the house & barks at him when he gets home at 5am!

Tracy said...

I'll be your buddy even if you are gray ;)

Rebekah said...

If I drank coffee, I would so want one of those! We just have a cheap-o coffee maker because my husband only drinks his black and I don't drink it at all!

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

I have the same coffee maker! Love it! But the bad part.. Starbucks still gets my money!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

haha u nut (@the bed thing)

as for color in a box..mine's under $8 and looks like my natural color! i got my first gray w/my first kid...his name's GRAYson so i blame him! haha