Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tacky Sweater Party and Other Hodge Podge

Last weekend we had our annual Tacky Sweater party. The outfits this year were just as amazing as they've been in previous years. I always question how people seriously wear these type of outfits and think they look good?! This vest I wore, it was a real doozy.

My dad built us an amazing photo prop, that got tons of use all night. We decided from the start of the night we were going to make the photos look as awkward as possible.... Mission Accomplished!!!

Melisa, Ron and I trying 'not to smile' (I have the worst straight face EVER)

Merry Christmas, Sh#@%er was full! 

Sheena, Carrie and Ron with more ridiculous poses

Melisa and I... I think this was one of the worst. I should have taken a pic of Melisa's full outfit. She ordered this quilt material type, jumper dress on ebay. It was awful, and amazing! 

Ashley, Sheena, Carrie and I practicing the 'look away.' Clearly we all need some work ;) 

Who knew, Carrie's screen printed t-shirt from Walmart was made from my sweet vest?! Best outfits! 

Ashley and I with more awkward posing.

The party was a big hit as usual. We were trying to cook up some other fun themed party ideas to have throughout the year. I think the next party will be an 80's theme this summer when it's warmer so we can be outside. 

So who is finished with their Christmas shopping already? If you are I probably don't want to know. I haven't really even started on the girls or Gerrad. We're finished with my parents and his family (that we draw names for), but the girls are proving to be a HUGE challenge this year. All Addaline says she wants is Brave, the movie. And Macie is only requesting Just Dance 4. Easy enough, but how what the heck do we get them??!! My dad is surprising them with Taylor Swift concert tickets for next summer (stay tuned for a video of their reactions after Christmas, I'm sure the tears and excitement will be flowing). That leaves me with ZERO ideas. What are the latest and greatest things for 10 and 5 year olds that I'm unaware of? Help a sista out! 

Ashley and I started back on the C25k this week, I forgot how much harder interval training is than just straight up running. I'm trying to build up a bit more endurance before 10k training, after that comes half marathon or bust. Those words make me want to puke just saying them, AHHH! I've found so many inspiring bloggers that have really prompted me to kick my booty into high gear with working out. Not to  mention Gerrad and various friends as well. It's awesome having people to hold you accountable because you're all trying to achieve the same end goal together. If you're trying to get in shape/lose weight and don't have a workout partner, I highly suggest getting one. It makes the BIGGEST difference having someone to hold you accountable. I'm no expert, but am trying my hardest to keep this weight off, and build muscle. We'll see how it goes as I step up my training. 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We've had breakfast with Santa this morning, attended a birthday party, and now are headed out to watch Addaline dance at the mall for a Christmas show. Tomorrow my only goal is to stay in pajamas and watch Christmas movies with the girls all day. 


Momma P said...

that photo prop is amazing! great idea and way to spice it it bad I'm a little jealous of the Wal-mart screened t? Just to wear for fun and see if my co-workers think it's really mine or if I'm joking.

Becky said...

That party looks like so much fun! I haven't started shopping at all for Christmas. Guess I will be busy this week!

Nancy Clue said...

Bahahaha - I am dying over your awkward family Christmas photos! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Oh, and I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. :/ That's what Christmas Eve is for, right?

Darci said...

You better get on that 10K training! Jan 27th is going to come soon!

I'm not done shooing and haven't wrapped a single thing, hell my tree is still half decorated and I haven't managed to move that F'n elf for the past 4 nights! FML!