Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Baby Showers and Girls Night

This weekend was the usual busy weekend for us, but a blast none the less. Friday evening Macie went with a friend to the Fiesta Mexicana parade to ride on a float and pass out dog treats (her friends mom works for Hill's), and then spent the night at their house so it was just Gerrad, me and Addaline all evening. We ran a few errands and enjoyed our quiet time that evening. Gerrad has been working some crazy hours/days so we haven't seen each other much in the past week or so.

Saturday my friend Carrie and I threw another good friend Heather a baby shower. It was SO much fun to get together with some girl friends and gather for a special occasion, the approaching arrival of baby Kori. I didn't get any pictures from the shower because I was running out the door in a hurry and of course forgot the most important thing-my camera! I did however get a picture of the super cute cake that Carrie made and you've already seen the outfit I made for baby Kori but I'll post it again. Saturday evening Macie, Addaline and I decided to take my mom out to dinner after her rough last few days... some mom/daughter/granddaughter time was MUCH NEEDED! Then my mom and I put the girls to bed when we got home and watched 'Dan in Real Life', SUPER cute movie by the way for those of you that still haven't seen it. Gerrad was having a 'boys night out' with the guys from work at Buffalo Wild Wings watching the UFC Fights.

Baby Kori's shower gift, she'll look ADORABLE in this outfit I'm sure of it!!

Kori's room is going to be done in Ladybugs and the shower theme was also Ladybugs, the cake Carrie made turned out great!

Sunday Gerrad worked again all day and the girls and I went to church solo. Then that afternoon we grabbed some lunch with some wonderful church peeps and then headed back to the church for another beautiful baby shower in honor of the Pastor's daughter in law. I also made her upcoming arrival baby Londyn an outfit as well. I think it turned out pretty well and really loved the color combo. What do you think?

Baby Londyn's outfit, SO adorable!

That evening a 'girls night out' was in order... some fab girl friends and I headed to our local favorite Japanese Steakhouse and then went to see 'The Proposal'. I HIGHLY recommend that movie as well to those gals who haven't seen it. I laughed so hard I cried during a few parts; who knew a romantic comedy would actually be THAT funny?! I was SO nice to get out of the house and have some much needed time with some fabulous gals who I absolutely adore-thanks again girls for a great night out!!
I skipped out on another weeks edition of 'Not Me Monday', wonder what's wrong with me that I haven't felt like participating?! I'll be back for it next Monday, PROMISE!!

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Jenna said...

so is it bad that I wanna have a baby so you can make her one of these ADORABLE outfits?!?!