Monday, July 20, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. This week MckMama is doing a spin on the 'Not Me Monday' and is doing a 'Not My Child Monday' so check it out if you get a chance.

This week was NOT the annual Mexican Fiesta in our hometown and our family did NOT attend it twice to eat the yummy food they sell. The first night we went we did NOT wait almost 2 hours for our food after waiting in 2 of the longest lines I've ever seen. The second night we went we did NOT get our food within about 10 minutes and become highly annoyed that we even went the first time and waited that long, sheesh! Macie did NOT have a blast riding some rides at the carnival portion of the festival; and Addaline was NOT stuck in her stroller watching her sister have all the fun. We would NOT trap her in there all evening so we wouldn't have to chase after her could keep a close eye on her, nope NOT us!

Saturday night Gerrad and I did NOT have a sort of 'date night' and head to KC for his Union Meeting for work. We did NOT leave a little early to shop around one of our favorite outdoor shopping centers and score some awesome bargains during the sidewalk sales either. I did NOT fore go dinner that night because it was not very tasty to turn around and have 2 plates of dessert, I eat healthy and would NEVER do that!

Sunday we did NOT go to church and stay afterwards for a wonderful bake sale auction to raise money for our VBS. I did NOT bid all the way up to $30 on chocolate covered strawberries and squeal with delight when I won them. We did NOT enjoy a wonderful lunch with some great church friends afterwards and enjoy every bite of the free fried ice cream that was offered to us.

I have NOT been perfecting my newest crafting quest lately and am NOT thrilled with the way they've turned out, here's a sneak peak.

I am NOT considering a career change and have NOT been thinking about it every moment of every day and praying my little heart out that it all works out for our family.
What have you NOT been up to lately? Don't be shy, give it a try!!


Sunnymama said...

Those bows are precious! I want one! Did you ever get hooked up with Tara about the outfit? Thanks for everything again!

Laura Fluke said...

The bows do look wonderful!!! You so ROCK!!! Glad you guys had such an awesome time this weekend! And, even though it isn't in my favor...=), I am praying for you and your choices too!!! Leave it to God and He will make it happen!!! Happy Monday!

Caroline said...

Bow looks really cute! Good job.