Wednesday, August 26, 2009

'Dishing Divas'

The 'Dishing Divas' kicked off our first get together this past weekend, and let me just say we had a BLAST! One of my besties and I got this fabulous idea of a themed girls night from our blogger friend Ashley. Her and her girlfriends have a girls night called 'Kitchen Queens' and they do all kinds of fun things. That's where we will get SOME of our ideas, I'm super excited about this new tradition some of my girls and I have started. We started out pretty small with just a group of 6 girls, but will probably add a few gals here and there along the way to include more people in the fun.

We decided that we're going to try to do a theme every month and stick with it as best as we can. Our first months theme was 'Mexican', because who doesn't love some yummy home cooked Mexican food?! I made chicken enchiladas and the rest of the gals brought equally delicious dishes. The month of September is pretty busy for everyone so there will only be 4 of us girls participating in that month, so we're just going to do dinner and a movie out on the town. In October my friend Lindsey is in a play/musical (I really have no idea what to call it, sorry Linds) and since its kind of a Halloween theme that will fit perfect for our girls night, and we can support our friend at the same time!

This group of girls is hilarious and I laughed harder Saturday night, than I have in a while! So thanks ladies for a FABULOUS, or should I say DIVA'licious night!!

Here are all of us girls with the picture/frame that I made to pass on to each gal when its her turn to be the hostess. Me, Kela, Lindsey, Katie, Chelsey and Jenna

The table decorations, we all love pink and green!!

Here is Katie really getting into Chelsey's yummy salsa =) You're never too old to act like a kid and take silly pictures!

Here are my delicious chicken enchiladas

More of the table decorations

Lindsey really loved Jenna's dessert, it was SO good!

Stay tuned for monthly pictures of the girls from our 'Dishing Diva' nights!!

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Ashley said...

Molly- this is just fabulous! You girls look so cute, and the table is precoius! Im all about some pink and green! It's such a great idea too, to get together and socialize and be with the girls! ;0)

Too much fun! Mexican too, yummy- Im jealous!

Got you on my top friends now!

HUGS! ;)