Friday, September 4, 2009


Today is my last day at work... I'm SOOO excited to be starting on my new adventure in life with the daycare and will truly miss all of my co-workers and awesome bosses I've been blessed to have.

When I came in this morning this is what I found on my desk. A super sweet card with a gift certificate to our local mall. I was shocked and SO grateful for the amazing people I've had a chance to work for the past few years.

I took this picture with my cell phone and can't get it to turn (sorry).

I am taking off all week next week in preparation of getting my house completely ready for childcare and just to have a mental health week and spend some time loving on my kiddos. I'm just so grateful God has given our family this opportunity for me to be able to do what I have wanted to do since I had children. I'll be posting pictures of my living room overhaul as well when the daycare is all complete sometime next week. I can't wait to see how it all turns out; I have gotten some really cute things for the kiddos. And we all know my matchy matchy personality will have this daycare looking spectacular =)

On another note... I'm having this terrible guilt feeling of taking Addaline away from her daycare and her little friends she's come so accustomed to seeing each and every day. I've heard of working mothers guilt but has anyone ever experienced non-working mothers guilt? Weird! I know I'm going to cry when I pick her up today for the last time because I will miss our daycare provider so much and getting to chat with her every day, and now I'm tearing up at my desk-AHH!!

I hope everyone has a FABULOUS Labor Day weekend. I know we will! The girls' birthday party is this weekend and I'm SO ready for them to have a blast with all their little friends and to get some great pictures of them doing so!

Much love,

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