Friday, October 9, 2009

Flash Back Friday

So I've been using my dad's laptop so I can be more mobile and stay connected a little better while doing daycare since our desktop is in the office in the basement... anyway onto my point... I found a bunch of old pictures from Addaline's birth and from Halloween which was the month after her birth so I wanted to share the pictures as my flash back Friday!

Here is the proud new big sister Macie and her precious new little sister Addaline. She was SO proud and was the VERY first person to hold Addaline after she was born. We brought Macie into the room after I was all cleaned up and let them bond for a while before we let anyone else in the room, it was such a special moment for our new family of 4!

Tired mommy with her new baby

One of our first pictures as mommy and daughter

Their first picture together, they are forever bonded as sisters!!

Getting ready to go home from the hospital with our newest addition. Daddy got to pick out her 'going home' outfit so of course he picked out a Texas Longhorns outfit, I made the hat for her to match her pink onesie

First picture after birth with her eyes open

Here are a few pictures I also found of Macie from Halloween of '07. Gerrad wanted her to be a Texas Longhorn Cheerleader so that's what we went with, I guess sometimes I have to humor him and let him pick things out, since relationships are a give and take thing ya know. I'm a Kansas Jayhawk fan but have let my girls don Longhorn garb once each ;)

The cutest Longhorn cheerleader you'll ever see!

My little cutie and I before 'Boo at the Zoo' trick or treating

Thank you for going back in time with us (2 years ago to be exact)! I would go back in time for Macie's birth too but that was before we owned a digital camera, we were super young and just starting out so that wasn't something we had the luxury of owning... my how times have changed, I'm SO grateful!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We've got lots of stuff planned so I'll make sure to take TONS of pictures. I have my 'Dishing Divas' night with the girls tonight and am SOOO excited. We are going to see a production of 'Evil Dead: The Musical' since one of our 'Divas' is in it, also one of my besties so I MUST go and support her! Break a Leg Linds!!


Heather said...

I absolutely love "birth-day" pictures. What a sweet Mom and daughter, and the sisters...just makes your heart smile!
Have a fun weekend!

hungeryjack said...

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