Thursday, October 8, 2009

Toddler BFF's and Dabby the Baby Doll

Let me introduce "Gabby Baby"... this doll goes pretty much every where with Addaline and has been her faithful companion over the past few weeks/months. Its the cutest thing to hear her call for her, only it doesn't come out as Gabby, it comes out as Dabby, which makes it even cuter! Its funny to see a 2 yr old love a sweet baby doll so much. My daughter is fascinated by all things baby related, she feeds 'Dabby' all the time and gives her drinks. And not to mention real babies, that's a whole other topic for a different day, that girl is relentless!

Now to introduce Addaline's real life BFF Miss Emma! These two girls are hilarious. They are only 6 months apart (A-2 yr and E- 18 mos) and are totally inseparable. Gerrad and I have formed a bond with sweet Emma's parents and 2 other couples from church and have been getting together pretty much every weekend to socialize and hang out. When the girls first see each other any time we get together they immediately have to hug like they haven't seen each other in ages, its adorable. This past weekend in church they probably spent a good solid 5 minutes sitting next to each other hugging every 20 seconds or so, HILARIOUS!

Most of our friends have kiddos already or soon to have, but Emma is closest in age out of all our friends kids for Addaline (outside of family) so I think that's why they have that special bond. Any time we go anywhere Addaline always asks "Emma coming?", so cute! I just wanted to share this special new friendship that I find absolutely adorable with all of you, and of course to include a special BFF picture of the girls from church last night!

Wow just think about about 10-15 years I will be posting about my daughters' first dates/boyfriends instead of their best friends... AHHH!! I need a pause button!!

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Heather said...

We have "Dabby" too and AK already loves her!