Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Few Makeovers

Most of you who truly know me in real life, know I like to change decor in the house like I change my clothes (not nearly that much, but close). I'm thinking of changing our bedding in the master bedroom. I do NOT want to paint the room, but I want something totally different and outside of my usual design taste. I'm not usually a 'red' person but I LOVE this bedding I found on Target's website. It had some tan and brown in it, which are the colors of our bedroom now.

HERE is our room before, with teal and brown, tan and cream colors. I would add some wall decor to match as well, and we've swapped TVs out recently so we have a flat screen on my dresser, which we're thinking of mounting on the wall, to get it off the dresser. So what do you think about the red? Is it too much? Too childish? Do tell!!

I so badly want our room to be a retreat for us. A place we can go to reconnect and relax, to enjoy where we are and just chill. There are so many hodge podge things that I dumped into our room after I changed our formal living room to the daycare. I'm desperate to get some organization and a universal theme.
The throw pillows for the bed.
Now on to Macie's room. We've gotten her bunk beds since these pictures were taken so I have to take that into account as well. I can't decide if I want to stick with the pink/brown theme of her room or change it up. This bedding is kind of fun, and funky, but maybe a bit much. I've asked Macie what she wants to do with her room, but she is SO carefree and easy going, so she has no idea. I might just have to snatch her up, and have a little date at Target and let her pick out what she wants. I'm kind of hoping she goes with something polka dot so I don't have to change the walls too much.

If she goes with something like this, I'd probably want to paint the walls a solid color and cover up the polka dots, or maybe just leave a few and change the brown, to teal. I'd have to cover up the brown accent wall obviously as well.

The have some bedding SIMILAR to this at Target, but its more of a hot pink which I love, with white polka dots as well. My hope is that she will like that bedding set, then I will cover up the brown polka dots with teal and possibly green, change the accent wall behind her bed, and spice up the bedding with some super cute/colorful throw pillows.

So what do you all think? I love changing rooms around and spicing things up a bit. I don't like looking at the same designs for too long, a few years and I need a change. Are any of you like that? Please tell me I'm not the only one ;)

Speaking of makeovers, I'm also getting a blog makeover by an awesome blog designer, Jamie. Check her out if you're in the market for a new blog design!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love Macie's could be bedding. All of them scream girl!! My fav is the first one, hot pink with brown. Oh to cute!!!

However, on the one for you bed room. All I can think of is Minnie Mouse. Not my fav!