Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bachelor Recap

Oh Jake.... I'm SOOOOO disappointed in the ending of 'The Bachelor.' I have totally lost all respect for him, and definitely feel like he wasn't following his heart/head... but more going off the physical attraction he talked about ALL THE TIME! I kind of knew from the start of the episode that all the spoilers were right and that he was going to chose Vienna, as much as I HATE admitting that! I am just in shock and at a loss for words with the ending of the show, AHHH! I'm also a little surprised that he happens to be a new contestant on Dancing With The Stars as well, random!
I felt like being a little immature and drawing on their pictures, ha ha! Vienna would NOT have been my first choice for Jake, and I think he will come to regret that decision. I thought FOR SURE when he was giving her back her promise ring that he wasn't going to pick her either, oh how my dreams were shot down quickly with that, boo! I can't even find any more words to complain about her, I'm over it!
Tenley- I felt SO bad for Tenley when he let her go. You could tell her heart was just broken into a million pieces, and it was just too sad! You could tell he was so confused and wasn't sure what to say to her, or even how he was feeling. Although he got a little brave with her at the 'After the Final Rose' taping and told her he and Vienna had the spark that was lacking with him and Tenley, what a JERK! Anyway, I just hope she finds love again and moves on to be happy, which I'm sure she will!!
The O.N.L.Y. part of the night I was happy with was when they announced that Ali is the next Bachelorette, YAY!!! I can't wait to see how her season plays out, and to see all the men they choose for her!!!


Christa said...

Just found your blog! It's too cute! Huge Bachelor fan here! I do not like Vienna either! Poor Tenley! I'm also excited Ali is new Bachelorette! Yay!

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

I can't believe he picked Vienna either.. I was so annoyed/disgusted. I mean his family didn't even care for her off the bat! I just feel so bad for Tenley b/c he strung her along, which was wrong! She was the BEST for him and he passed it up! I don't feel sorry for him anymore! Stupid guy!

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

I watched last night's finale because of all the blogs I read (like yours!) that talk about this show-- all I knew is that everyone thought V was a trannie, and I didn't like her either. Boo Jake!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Stacy said...

Yup, I was disgusted too. I think he was thinking with his other head when he picked Vienna. LOL What a total waste of my time. I hope the next Season is a lot better. I'd rather watch 25 hot guys then 1 messed up one. Thanks for your great post's all Season. You told it how it really was.