Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My First Sewing Experience

Last week I had my first experience with sewing (well unless you count home ec. class in high school). Jenna came over to help me make my first pillowcase dress, and let me just say it took FOREVER. I am SUCH a perfectionist it was terrible. We had a fun time hanging out and sewing, and once I got the hang of it all, and the machine quit messing up, I was good to go. My first dress didn't turn out as well as I would have liked, but I made another one the next day that turned out GREAT! YAY!

Macie was watching closely for a while, in between her playing Rock Band with Gerrad and Addaline

Jenna making St Patty's day shirts for her nephews

My kitchen table and kitchen were a disaster. It looked like a sweat shop, ha ha!

My first pillowcase dress. I LOVE the color combo, but I will be making another one so the quality is a little better since I know what I'm doing now. I still need to learn to perfect the armpit area, and then I will begin selling these dresses in my online shop and at the Farmers Market this summer as well.

Here is Addaline modeling her first pillowcase dress. Pardon the fact that my finger got in the way of the flash, WHOOPS!

Jenna and I figured out that the standard width of the dress was WAY too wide, so when I made the 2nd one, I shortened it by almost 10 inches and it looked MUCH better on Miss A.

Here is the 2nd one that I made, that I am MUCH more pleased with. Hopefully I can master these dresses soon and start making up a bunch of them to sell this summer!! Like I REALLY needed another crafting hobby huh?!


Hattie said...

Those are so cute! I wish I could sew. Heck, I just wish I was crafty! Ha! I love the polka dot combo!

Kelly said...

Ohh, HOW much fun are these?? I've been toying with the idea of getting myself a sewing machine so I can sew... stuff. But I'm not sure if I can take up one more craft, unlike you :-) I LOVE the print choices, SO cute!

Jenna said...

Hey friend, you should have taken a pic of Addaline in the dress on Sunday with her hat on!! ADORABLE! Its cute kids like this that I would consider getting up before noon for ;)

Ashley said...

OH MY!! Teach me, PLEEEEAASSEE!!!!


Lindsey said...

Yes, I love the name! I'm so glad you found me. Your Addaline is adorable and I love the pillow case dresses!