Friday, March 5, 2010

Trash the Dress and a Wide Array of Other Things!!

How many of you have heard of a 'Trash the Dress' photo shoot with your wedding dress?? If not, this is what it is: "Trash the dress, is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant clothing with an environment in which it is out of place. It is generally shot in the style of fashion and glamour photography. Usually brides decide to have pictures taken on a beach, but other locations include city streets, rooftops, garbage dumps, fields, and abandoned buildings."

One of my friends from high school is an up and coming photographer trying to build up her portfolio. She posted something on facebook asking if anyone would be interested in doing a 'trash the dress' photo shoot with her. When I saw that I was SOOOOO excited. I have been wanting to do this for a while, but just haven't looked into it or thought too much about it. My friend Melisa, had also mentioned this a while back that she wanted to do one of these photo shoots as well, so I called her up to join us! We have an appointment set for March 20th and I could not be more excited! We're going to meet with my photographer friend, Chelsea, late afternoon and spend a few hours going around town taking pictures at different locations. Then around sunset, we're going to a local area in town up on a hill where you can see the city lights in the background and snap some photos on top of the hill as well. I am SOOOO excited to see how these turn out. We won't actually be 'trashing' our dresses, don't worry! They might get a little dirty, but nothing that can't be dry cleaned!

In other non-related news: this week has been NUTSO for me, and I'm in desperate need of a break! Macie started to get sick on Sunday morning after we picked her up from her slumber party. She was running a low grade fever and just didn't feel well. She slept ALLLLLLL day Sunday, never got out of bed at all until Monday morning for a bit. She kept saying her throat hurt, but I wanted to give it another day or so to see how she was feeling. Tuesday afternoon I could tell she wasn't getting better, and while I was trying to plan my attack on where to take her to be seen, she started having some breakthrough seizures. It wasn't anything major, but I ended up taking her in to be seen. Turns out she had strep, which was lowering her seizure threshold (being sick was the cause), causing the breakthrough seizures. I didn't want to overreact or alarm anyone, but I'm glad I took her in so we could find out about the strep and get her started on medicine. Her Dr also suggested moving her up .5ml/2x daily of her seizure medication, which we started immediately. So far since Tuesday she hasn't had any more problems or episodes.

We've had a few issues with our dog since we brought her home a few months ago, and the instance this week was just the icing on the cake for me, I snapped! The dog has nipped at Addaline a few times, the first two times she grazed her face and left little scratches. I kept weighing different ideas... looking for a home for the dog with someone WITH OUT small children, or having the dog trained trying to see if that would solve the problem. Wednesday afternoon, Macie and Addaline were playing, and Addaline tried to climb over the dog to get on the couch, the dog snapped and bit Addaline in the mouth. Her mouth happened to be open at the time, so I could not see any visible signs that the dog bit her, but knew because I heard it and Macie saw it (I was in the other room). I FLIPPED out!!! I called my friend Jenna, demanding Animal Control's phone number (she has connections ;) ). She ended up calling her friend, who so generously came and picked up the dog for me. After that incident, I KNEW that was NO way I could risk keeping that dog, and possibly taking the chance of a 'next time.' So away the dog went! I felt SOOOO bad for Macie, but she was over it pretty fast, this isn't the first animal we've had issues with unfortunately. I've come to the conclusion, we should NOT own any animals of any kind, ha ha!

Remember how I mentioned there were NO visible marks on Addaline after the dog bit her? Boy was I way off! Thursday morning she woke up with her face looking like Mike Tyson socked her a good one on the left cheek and top lip. I wasn't sure what in the world to do. My first instinct was a food allergy, that she ate something she shouldn't have before bed, and had a reaction to it. I couldn't have been more wrong! She kept saying 'Mommy, Nina bite me' (the dog) over and over, I kept telling her 'Yeah she did, I'm sorry! Nina's bye-bye' over and over. Then I think, DUH MOLLY! Look in her mouth. I lifted up her top lip to discover the most purple bruise I've ever seen in my life, and her top middle, left tooth pushed back, way out of line with her other middle tooth, I freaked! I wasn't sure what in the world to do. I called a few friends in the medical field, and found out that I needed to have her seen, because if she were to get some type of infection, that in 24-48 hours she would have been in a world of hurt. I scheduled her an appt and took her in yesterday afternoon. The Dr prescribed her an antibiotic to prevent infection, and told me for her tooth, we would need to see a dentist. I then went to the Dentist and sat there FOREVER, so we could be squeezed in. The dentist did an x-ray to make sure her tooth was ok up in her gums, and thankfully it was. He tried to push it back into place, with not a whole lot of luck. I know it could be a LOT worse, so I kept trying to remind myself of that over and over, and over again!

I enrolled Macie in volleyball about a month ago, and they just had their first coaches meeting this week. My friend volunteered to coach the team for us, because Gerrad and I knew Macie would totally shut down if one of us were to coach. I TOTALLY spaced off that Monday nights are dance nights, and it turns out that is when the practices are going to be. So now I have to drop Macie from the team, which I feel terrible about. So now my friend is coaching a team full of girls she doesn't know, and Macie doesn't even get to play. AHHHH!!!

Gerrad has worked late every night this week (and by late I mean 9-10pm), and had to stay out of town last night for work. So I've been 'single mom-ing it,' (as my girlfriends and I like to call it) all week, and I discovered this morning, that I'm definitely at my breaking point. I was sitting there with Addaline eating a bowl of cereal, and just started crying my eyes out for no apparent reason. She kept saying 'Momma you sad? Momma, you need your daddy?' HA HA! I couldn't help but smile when she was trying to make me feel better. I just feel like I have had SO much on my plate this week, and have had to carry the load for both Gerrad and I this week as well. I'm not complaining about my husband one bit, so please don't take it that way. He works his rear end off for our family, and I couldn't appreciate/love him more for that. This was just a week where I could have definitely used an extra set of hands.

So here's to a wonderful weekend, with no stress and no more sickness or accidents!!!

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Hattie said...

That photo shoot sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to see the pics!

Girl sounds like you need a glass of wine or a big ole' margarita!!! What a week! Hope the girls get better for their sake & yours! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!