Thursday, May 6, 2010


Those of you that have or are around kids at all, know what I mean when I say that they are FUNNY! They have no filter, and just say whatever comes to their mind. I had a hilarious conversation with Addaline just a few minutes ago and I felt the urge to post it. This kid is seriously going to be our comedian, class clown, trouble maker... you name it, she'll probably be it. She is MUCH more rambunctious than her big sister was at this age (or at all for that matter), she definitely gives us a run for our money! Phew!

Addaline (who has her pj top on): "I can't see my boobies mommy"

Me: "Well Addaline, you don't really have boobies just yet baby"

Addaline: "I got wittle tiny ones momma"

Me: "Well, yeah I guess you do"

Addaline: "You got big ones momma" "Macie got big ones too momma"

Me: "Um, no Macie doesn't have big ones too Addaline, Macie doesn't have any either"

Addaline: "Macie got wittle tiny ones like me?"

Me: "Let's go downstairs and get some breakfast" (I need a diversion from the 'boobie' talk with my 2 yr old, SHEESH)

See what I mean about a handful already. This 2 year old is seriously aware of her surroundings, apparently!

One more kiddo funny for the day.... When I went on Macie's field trip last week, talk about no filter. Those 7 and 8 year olds say WHATEVER comes to their mind. I spent most of the day laughing at some of things I heard.

When I first arrived at Macie's school, there was a little girl that quickly approached me telling me that I looked different than the last time she saw me. My daughter exclaims "Well she got a tattoo, maybe that's why she looks different? Here LOOK!" Oh Macie! Then her friend continues on about how that's not it, and she can't figure out why I look different. She asks me "Did you get a tan" Um NO, I wish! Then after about 5 minutes of studying me, she comes to the conclusion that she thinks I look like I should be in HIGH SCHOOL... Yep you heard that right, HIGH SCHOOL. Bless that sweet 7 year old, LOVE HER :) She kept asking me "Are you SURE you shouldn't be in high school?" Yep, pretty sure, ha ha!

Just for fun, here's a picture of the inquisitive little 2 year old!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!


Summer said...

Great minds think alike girlie, I posted about something Kelcee said while in Baltimore early this morning ha!

Girl do you ever have your hands full ha! That is sooo funny I almost peed my pants!

Well gotta love that 7 year old for thinking you are in high school....gotta bring her a sucker next time ha!

That is so funny your little one pointed out your tattoo oh boy am i in trouble when Kelcee gets that age LOL

Summer ;0)

Oh how is your business doing????

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Hahaha @ "Well she got a tattoo!!" Good gracious Miss Macie!!

And Addaline with the boob talk this morning! You DO have your hands full!!

Have a great day!

Trish said...

Molly, this totally made me smile, I just love it! Your girls are just adorable, they must make you smile and giggle a hundred times a day. Thinking of you!! xox

Christa said...

Haha LOVE it! Too funny!

Kelly said...

Hahahahaha! Good times :-D I once had one of my 2nd grade boys tell me that having children is a big responsibility-- feeding, diapers, crying... PUMPING. Haha!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

ha-ha-ha-larious!!! what a funny wittle boobie story! and you should be in high school?! - what a compliment!!!! that just means that when you're 60 you'll look 20 (or at least to a 7 yr old you will). your 2 yr old is such an adorable gal!

Molly said...

How adorable is she!!! So funny. I can't even imagine when Coop starts saying everything he thinks now!

I tagged you at my blog today. :)