Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day!!

This weekend was wonderful! Friday night Gerrad and I went on a dinner date and goofed off afterwards for a bit. We were going to go to a movie but ended up renting a movie and taking it back home to watch with my mom who was babysitting the girls (Thanks again Mom). We watched "It's Complicated" and we laughed SO hard at that movie. It was so funny and sweet at the same time! I highly recommend it!

Saturday I had the Farmer's Market, which was FREEZING, but still good. I'm so thankful that it is going well each weekend. I pray about it daily and just feel so blessed to be having such great success with it. Saturday afternoon Gerrad stayed home with the girls and I shopped to my little hearts content for 3 hours, all by myself. That is what I like to call HEAVEN! I got to goof off and just browse for whatever I wanted, with out worrying about a thing! Saturday evening we ate dinner and then Gerrad went to watch the UFC fights with some friends and I stayed home and crafted, new product coming to the store TODAY (for women AND/OR kids this time)!

Sunday morning we went to church and it was a great message about mother's. Jenna and I took pictures for Baby Dedication that took place at church as well, that was fun. Our church definitely has NO shortage of babies! We went to lunch with my mom and Gerrad's family after lunch, then over to his sister's house for ice cream cake afterwards. Then Gerrad and I ran some errands and just relaxed at home with the girls the rest of the day.

I've been thinking over the weekend, about the things that make me a mother and what they mean to me...

Being a mother means that I have had the opportunity to experience loving someone more than I love myself. It has brought me pride and joy; your accomplishments touch me and thrill me like no one else's can. It has brought me a few tears and heartaches at times, but it has taught me hope and patience. It has shown me the depth, strength, and power of love.

Being a mother hasn't always been easy, and I'm sure I've said or done things that have hurt or confused you. But no one has ever made me as satisfied as you do just by being happy. No one's smile has ever warmed my heart like yours does; no one's laughter fills my heart with delight as quickly as yours can. No one's hugs feel as sweet, and no one's dreams mean as much to me as yours do.

Being a mother means that I've been given one of life's greatest gifts, my 2 precious daughters! I truly believe that a Mother's love is the closest thing we can feel to Christ's love for us! And I'm lucky enough to have the best mother there is, who has shown me unconditional love throughout my entire life! THANK YOU MOM, for everything you do for me and my family!

I'll post pictures from my date night with Gerrad later today, and of course I'll show you ladies my new product as well. And before I go... here is what Gerrad and the girls got me for Mother's Day!!
YAY for Sperry's! I LOVE these shoes and have worn them everyday since he gave them to me (Friday night)! Thanks again babe for making my weekend SO special. You ROCK :)


Kelly said...

Awww! Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend :-D Happy Mother's Day! Those Sperry's are GREAT!!

Christa said...

Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day weekend! Aren't Sperry's so comfortable?!

Aly said...

I love Sperry's!! :) Those are so cute! You're a lucky gal

Lindsey said...

i'm glad you had such a wonderful mother's day! i'm so excited that you got your sperrys! i LOVE LOVE LOVE mine... they are my absolute favorite

Caroline said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun weekend. It was fun being across from you at the farmers market, I am glad you are doing well. I however am not. I haven't sold ANY labels there. It's ok though bc I am just doing it to tag along. Nobody has really came to look at the labels, it think we just have SOOO much stuff at our booth. Oh well. It is fun just hanging out with the girls (it would be better if it was warmer)

If you want more Top Riders let me know I can get you a 30% discount at the stride rite outlet at legends and 20% at the actual store. I don't think I get a discount on line though, not sure.

I am glad you had a good mothers day. I am not sure if I'll be out there on Saturday, but good luck!