Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Blessed Life

At church our pastor is doing a series called 'The Blessed Life.' He is talking about giving to the church and seeing God's blessings flow out onto your life. It got me thinking about all the things that we are blessed with. It actually kept me up a few nights, just praying thanking God for his faithfulness for our family.

Sometimes around this time of year, I feel like people can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, with Christmas approaching, people are SO focused on money, and buying gifts, that we forget what we're even celebrating. People can get so caught up with money... not having enough, having too much, spending too much, making ends meet, etc... As I've said before, Gerrad and I are not rich by any means. We live a normal, middle class life, but I don't consider having gobs of money, a blessing. What I consider to be a blessing, is that I have a loving and faithful husband who works his hands to the bone to  make sure his family is provided for. I have a roof over my head with heat to keep me warm, clothes on my back, food in my mouth, 2 beautiful daughters who make every single day worth living. A God who loves me, and forgives me for my short comings. Supportive parents, who even though their marriage didn't work, they still manage to tolerate each other to be there for me and my children. A family I gained from my husband, who love and care for us through it all.

I've been dealing with some serious resentment issues where my sister is concerned, for quite a few years. I wrote a while back about finding contentment where my sister is concerned, and I've finally found it. We are trying to move forward and heal our broken relationship, and there is a part of me that is She is going to meet my children over Thanksgiving for the first time (she was around Macie a few times up until she was about 2), and I just have to pray that it goes ok. Giving it up to the One who knows her heart, is the only thing that I can do.

Feeling like you're blessed can come from so many different things. Sometimes I feel like we just need to take a step back and look at all the things we have, instead of all the things we want, or think we need. I'm obviously on a random tangent today, and needed to break my non-blogging streak. And maybe one day soon, I'll actually blog all of our pumpkin patch and Halloween photos :)



Emily said...

SO TRUE. I pray that everything goes well on Thanksgiving for your family.

The Pettijohn's said...

Good luck with your sister. I pray she stays on track so you guys can reconnect maybe. I am you can blog about your situation and be comfortable with it. I wish I was at that point.

Mateya said...

Good for you for taking a leap of faith and trying to re-build your relationship! I am so proud of you! Praying it all goes well!

Katie said...

Great post!! I will be praying for your guys next week. Family stuff is hard & it sucks. Glad things are getting better!

TaraR said...

What a great and honest post. It's so true that this time of year can be filled with so much craziness that we easily forget the real meaning.

And the poster...what an eye opener. Thanks for sharing your heart <3

Anonymous said...

Great post, Molly. Hope everything goes like you want it to!